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Prodotti Medicali

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ISO 9001

ISO 13485

Organizzazione con Sistema di Gestione Certificato

Customer Services

The technical area of SIDEM provides support to the products, either at your site or at the own workshopy, for Philips, Edan, Fresenius products and the BM-33T made ​​in-house. Customer service is made up of experienced technicians, properly trained and equipped with appropriate tools to keep products in the best operating condition.

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  • installations
  • customer training 
  • remote support
  • onsite support*
  • bench repairing*
  • preventive maintenance
  • product refurbishing
  • safety checks
  • defibrillator test
  • product quality check

* exclusive use of original parts Philips, Edan e     Fresenius Kabi

Operational fields:

PHILIPS - Lombardia, Veneto, Trentino, Friuli

FRESENIUS - Veneto excl. Verona and provincia

EDAN - Italy

TOMTEC - Italy

BM-33T - WW excl. US & Canada




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